Pick Up FAQ

When is the tournament?

All matches will take place Saturday August 10 and Sunday August 11. Most teams head to Galway for Friday August 9 for the welcome party in the city centre.

Where is the tournament?

All matches take place on grass pitches at Corinthians R.F.C. in Galway, Ireland. Parties take place in Galway City centre and in the clubhouse at the pitches.

How much is the player fee?

To keep costs as low as possible, we want to get a few more details from teams and our vendors before setting a final player fee. Regardless of player count, the player fee will be under €100. In 2023 our player fee was €90.

The player fee includes:

  • A breakfast buffet in the clubhouse at the pitches
  • Delicious and nutritious hot lunches at the pitches on Saturday and Sunday
  • Transportation between the city centre and the pitches
  • A Friday night welcome party and Sunday night farewell gathering in Galway city center
  • A private tournament party at the tournament clubhouse
  • Team and player gifts to remind you of the good times after you've head home

When does pick up registration close?

You can express your interest at any time. The earlier you express interest, the more likely you are to find a spot, but sometimes teams have last minute drop outs so it might not be too late to find your perfect match.

When will we hear if I've been picked up?

We're announcing the team list in March. As we solidify information with registered teams, we'll start our pick up match making process in April and May.

We know that it's hard to plan accommodation and travel when you're not sure if you're playing yet, so we're hoping to have all pick up match making complete in early July.

If I have more questions, who do I ask?

Send us an email at tribalgatheringgalway@gmail.com and we'll happily answer any questions you have.