• Marko is from Dublin, lives in Kinvara and has been playing Ultimate since 2000. He is also a beekeeper, music photographer and loves swimming in the sea. Marko previously organised Dublin's Golden Cup. Tribal Gathering is his brainchild, and if you ever need a pep talk, he's your man. 

  • Ciarán is from Dublin and has been playing since 2012. Likes robots, woodwork and solving puzzles with Zoë. Give him 5 minutes and he'll automate a process to make it foolproof. He's the man managing the money, schedule, and rules this year.

  • Originally from the Northeast corner of the US, Siri has been living in Galway City and playing Ultimate with the local club team, Tribe, since 2013. Off the pitch you'll find her cooking, playing board games, or taking long walks on the beach with Eoghan and their dog Ériu. If you email tribalgatheringgalway@gmail.com, she's the one likely to respond. 

  • Zoë hails from Massachusetts, but has been living in Galway for 8 years. She started playing Ultimate when her friend dragged her to Summer league in Amherst, MA when she was 9 years old and hasn't looked back since. She also loves to sing, play Gaelic Football, photograph sports matches, and hang out with her cats, Gimli and Leia (and her husband, Ciarán). If you loved the venue or the buses in 2024, you have her to thank!

  • Catherine from West Cork is currently living in Galway and has been playing ultimate for 6 years. She enjoys travel, hiking, and cooking in her free time.

    Catherine's work in 2023 brought us a delicious hot lunch from The Old Barracks and 99s between games. This year she'll be bringing our parties to the next level!

  • Eoghan was born and raised in Galway and is one of the founding members of
    the local club team Tribe. When he's not playing ultimate you'll find him searching for a cliff or bridge to dive off, playing board games, or cycling through the hills of Galway. You've likely some of his designs in the wild, which include the Tribe jellyfish kit, the Tribal Gathering kit that sold out in minutes in 2023, or the logo of another great mixed Irish tournament, No Place Like Dome.